Hey there!

I'm Florence, but you can call me Flo for short! Friends and family describe me as being just "a little" quirky and curious. I love to travel the world, meet different people of different background and culture, and learn new things every day about the world around me.

I love and appreciate life, writing, travelling (yes, I really love it!), photography, food and fashion. I also believe that one should live life to the fullest and treasure the ones who matter the most every single day. This is because, it is better to have fought for what you believe in than to regret not having done or say something, until it is too late (true story). Ok, I'll quit sounding like an old lady now...

Most importantly, I hope that I can share some things that I hold dear through this website. And I really hope that they might be useful, entertaining and enriching to your life in one way or another! 

Flo xxxx