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Love Yourself for You!

Hi my dear, 

it has been a while since I last posted on my blog. I would love to have written more, but I have been bit busy lately with some things and my German language course.

Due to my busy schedule, the plan to do more sport has also been taking a backseat in my life. This has its consequences; I feel less energetic, easily tired, less motivated to do more sport, sleep badly, naturally put on a little bit of weight and this in turn makes me feel guilty and bad about myself sometimes.     

I think most women and girls naturally struggle with weight issues throughout our lives in one way or another. Some ladies unfortunately a little more than others and might turn to extreme dieting methods in order to fall into the ideal weight category accepted by their society and cultural background. I feel that this is a vicious cycle in the quest of being socially accepted. 

To break this vicious cycle, you have to first try and learn to accept and love yourself just the way you are, including areas of your body or face that you do not feel as comfortable with. Trust me, I know it is hard as well, as I also struggle with these issues. 

Once you have learned to do so, you would naturally do something that is positive for your health and well-being. You would then feel better about yourself and in turn do more beneficial activities as you love yourself more and more each day. Slowly but surely, you will be able to notice good changes in your body or appearance as you become fitter, healthier, more radiant and confident in yourself. 

I have heard quite a number of girl friends say: “guys or friends always take advantage of me, nobody loves me or why does these shit always happen to me”. Well, you know what? Stop taking crap, stop saying yes all the time and take control of your own life! 

Some important points I have learned myself, some through the hard way, and would love to share with you personally is learn to love yourself first and more, respect and treat yourself right. If you do not firstly learn to do so to yourself, no one would do the same to you (except your family of course)!   

I recently started on something really fun, exciting and beneficial and I can’t wait to share with you on my next post! Until next time, go on and start loving yourself! You’re worth it! 


Flo xxxx



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